Council on Alcoholism and Addictions

of the Finger Lakes



It is a Chronic, Progressive, often fatal Disease...
that includes a strong need to drink alcohol
or use other drugs,
despite negative consequences, guilt or shame,
reasons not to use, criticism,
or attempts to cut down or stop.

Everyday, alcoholism or other drug dependencies
causes thousands of people
to lose their jobs,
be hospitalized for accidents, illnesses and medical complications,
to be institutionalized for mental illness,
to be incarcerated in jails and prisons
and causes many divorces and broken homes.

But the simplest definition is this:

If Alcohol or any other Drug is causing you ANY Problem...
You have a Drug Problem...
We call it Chemical Dependency!!!

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I woo with every charm the tempter knows
I promise comfort with a secret leer
I soothe with liquid fire that smoulders with desire
And leaves the ash of caution as it glows.

I lead you down a path so smooth and gay

The spectre at the end you do not see
Until you find you must depend on me
To fight the growing panic on the way.

And at the end, I leave you to your fate
To learn what I have done to you... too late.

                                   --   Bassett

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I Alone Fear you every day of my life,
because you are always there.

You are with me when I wake up
and when I go to sleep,
watching and waiting.

I lost everything that meant anything to me because of you,
my family... and most of all myself.

You raped me of my dignity and integrity,
and for that I am forever scarred.

You have tried to kill more than once,
and empty promises is what you gave to me.

I hate what you have done to me...
you pretended to care but it was all lies.

Please leave me alone...

You are my Addiction!

by April                               

We at the Council thank April for her honest sharing, and hope that her
pain, growth and experience helps others to think about
the realities of addiction!

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Dear Ann Landers,
     I first met her in high school.  She was older  than I and more exciting.  She had been around.  My parents warned me to have nothing to do with her.  They claimed that no good could come from our relationship.
     But I kept meeting her on the sly.  She was so sophisticated and worldly.  It made me feel grown up to be with her.  It was fun to take her to a party in those days.  She was almost always the center of attention.
     We began seeing more of each other after I started college.   When I got a place of my own, she was a frequent guest.  It wasn't long before she moved in with me.  It was heart-breaking for my parents.  But I kept reminding myself that I wasn't a kid anymore, besides, it was legal.
     We lived together right through college and into my work in business.  I seldom went anywhere with her.  But I wasn't blind, I knew she was unfaithful to me.  What's worse though, is that I didn't care.
     It became a love-hate relationship.  I figured out that her glamour was nothing more than a cheap mask to hide her spite and cynicism.  After I came to know her true character I could see that she wasn't beautiful. 
     But old habits are hard to break.  We had invested many years in each other.  Even though my relationship with her made me lose a little respect for myself, she had become the center of my life.  We didn't go anywhere.   We didn't do anything.  We didn't have friends over.  It was just the two of us.  I became deeply depressed and knew that she was largely responsible for my misery.  I finally told her I was leaving for good.  It took a lot of guts, but I left.
     I still see her around.  I still miss her now and then.   I'm not boasting when I say she would take me back in a minute.  But by the grace of God, I will never take up with her again.
     Chances are that you know her family.  The name is Alcohol!

                                                                   -- Waco, Texas

Dear Waco,
      I have never met her personally, but a great many people who have been intimately involved with your old love have written to say she ruined their lives.
     She has no class, no character, and is totally ruthless.

                                                                   -- AnnLanders