Council on Alcoholism and Addictions

of the Finger Lakes


  The Council On Alcoholism is designated by the state of New York as a community-based prevention/education and information/referral agency, dedicated to the prevention of alcohol/drug abuse within the central five county Finger Lakes Region of Ontario, Schuyler, Seneca, Wayne and Yates counties.

   The Council began operations in 1986, and since that time has delivered over 50,000 units of service (prevention activities) to tens of thousands of area residents, in an effort to prevent or mitigate the extent of alcohol/drug abuse.

   The Council works in full cooperation with the local county governments, and prides itself on its ability to work with the community in a focused, concerted and sustained drug-prevention initiative.

 o EDUCATIONAL SERVICES:The Council is well staffed with educational coordinators and is always prepared to deliver educational programs on alcohol/drug abuse, risk and protective factors, health and wellness issues, and topics of related interest to schools, community groups, church congregations, civic organizations, and business and industry employees and management. All educational programming is consistent with state and national guidelines for effective prevention, and the Council stands ready to develop tailor made programming suitable to your needs.

o PERSONAL GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT SEMINARS:The Council has developed a series of personal growth and development workshops, designed to help individuals highlight wellness, boost protective factors, and accentuate personal goals and goal achievement.

o PROFESSIONAL TRAINING:   The Council offers specialized training on a continual basis for professionals of human service agencies, business and management. The Council individualizes trainings depending upon staff needs, and delivers this training either as inservice trainings or in the conference or workshop format - at our site or at a site of maximum convenience.

o INFORMATION CLEARINGHOUSE:   The Council has a wide array of materials and information which is constantly being requested by the community, and the Council responds to all requests as readily as possible. Call if you need a particular Fact Sheet, or access our link to the National Alcohol/Drug Abuse Clearinghouse.

o LITERATURE DISSEMINATION:  As part of our community-outreach initiative, the Council sponsors Literature Booths and Distribution Campaigns at the County Fairs, Health Fairs, for Civic Groups. etc. To date, the Council has sponsored over 400 Literature Distribution events where over 110,000 individuals and families received verbal information or written material about drug abuse.

o NEWSLETTER:   The Council sponsors a substance abuse Newsletter, UPDATE, with current regional, state and national information. The Newsletter is sent to a mailing list of 1,500 residents on a quarterly basis.

o ADVOCACY:   The Council has occasionally taken a stance on issues of drug abuse which affect society, and has taken the opportunity to alert and educate the community about issues such as the Adolescent Tobacco Use Prevention Act, the value of prevention and treatment services in the community, Opposition to the Legalization of Marijuana, Alcohol Advertising, the  Safe and Drug Free Schools Act, etc.

o NATIONAL AND STATE DRUG PREVENTION CAMPAIGNS:  The Council has joined with many national and statewide organizations for major drug prevention campaigns designed to heighten awareness and promote community action, including: the annual Red Ribbon Campaign, the Eckerd Drug Quiz Show, the Safe Summer Initiative, Fetal Alcohol/Drug Effects Week, National Drunk and Drugged Driving Month, World AIDS Day, etc.

o FILM/VIDEO LIBRARY:   The Council maintains a library of over 250 titles on alcohol/drug abuse, prevention issues, treatment concerns, and parenting and wellness issues. The Council lends films/videos approximately 1,000 times per year for community viewings.

o LIBRARY:   The Council continues to build a library of books and periodicals on drug abuse, open to area professionals for further reading and professional growth.

o CONSULTATIONOver the years the Council has answered thousands of requests for information, inquiry or consultation regarding drug related issues and situations.

o NETWORKING:   The Council continues to maintain cooperative and collaborative interaction with some 60 area organizations and community action groups, in an effort to fight abuse and addiction.

o REFERRAL SERVICES:  The Council maintains a current listing of all area agencies that have counseling or treatment services, and a wide array of self-help and twelve-step meetings. Over these past years, the Council has assisted in providing referral information to hundreds of individuals seeking treatment assistance.

o SCHUYLER AND YATES CHOICES YOUTH COUNSELING PROGRAMS:   The Council operates youth counseling services within school districts and the Council facilities in both Schuyler and Yates counties, Many hundreds of youth have participated in our discussion groups, education events or counseling services.



Medical Aspects of Drug Use
Professional Development Programs
Alcohol/Drug Primer
AIDS: The Alcohol/Drug Connection
Effective Parenting For Drug Prevention
Talking With Your Kids About Drugs
Parenting Skills Programs
Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin. Inhalants
Fetal Alcohol & Drug Effects (FADE)
Resisting Peer Pressure
Smoking Cessation Program
Anger Resolution
Stress Management
Health and Wellness
The Treatment System
Community Prevention
Children of Alcoholics
The Process of Recovery
Risk and Protective Factors
Safe Homes Projects
Asset Development
(Other Topics are Available and Individualized to Your Needs!!!)