Council on Alcoholism and Addictions

of the Finger Lakes


For Your Information:
     Drugs On The Internet
  One of the most dangerous elements of a drug using society, is the promotion of drugs, i.e., the
cultivation, marketing, branding and allurement that fosters a pro-drug culture.    
     Today, the internet has demonstrated one of the greatest perils to parents and families. Information which is readily available to youth undermines non-use messages at homes, in school or in the community. It entices and encourages drug use. We all need to Be Aware... Vigilant... and Responsive!!!

How Can Adults Help??? Monitor...
Check things Out... Think Ahead... Ask Questions!

-- Where is your home computer set-up? What room is it in?
--When and who is there to supervise computer use?
--Know what recreational drug information is available on the net.
-- Stay informed about the latest trends in drug information on the net.
-- Understand how drug information is being relayed to adolescents/youth.

For Further Information --Valuable Drug Information Websites:

-The Partnership for a Drug Free America:                   

- The National Institute on Drug Abuse:                          

- The National Institute on Drug Abuse - Club Drugs: 

-The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration:

- National Clearinghouse on Alcohol/Drug Information          

Council on Alcoholism of the Finger Lakes

There are over 1,000 websites that promote or facilitate the use, production and sale of recreational drugs. These sites advertise low cost and a perceived safety which promotes acceptance and endorses drug use. This information is only a click away. Even a novice has easy access to this information.

~ There are over 13,000 pages of information on drug use, production and sales which receive 18,000 hits per day.
~ There are 30 million teens who use the internet regularly (about 85% of American Youth.) By the year 2005, the projected number of teens using the net will be 40 million.

There are three types of Web Sites available - each site gives detailed instructions on “How To”:
~ Drug Use - which promotes the effects of drugs, downplays or denies the negative effects. They popularize, glamorize and promote "responsible" drug use.
~ Drug Production - chat rooms are set-up to share drug “Cook Books” with recipes on how to make drugs like
methamphetamine or how to grow and cultivate high grade marijuana through on-line bookstores such as
~ Drug Sales - chat rooms set-up to discuss and help to arrange sales of drugs which are shipped for an agreed price - there is anything you need to or want to know about how to purchase paraphernalia items, special software specific to these web sites, free marijuana seeds and ordering on the Internet as if you were ordering a specialty coffee.